Dr Shilpa Nayak

The ASTHMA & ALLERGY CLINIC was founded by Dr Shilpa Nayak in Andheri-w, Mumbai. She is holding MBBS, DCH, DAA (CMC VELLORE) Gold Medallist and  having a rich experience of 12 years, in the leading hospitals & clinics of India & abroad. She has successfully completed Diploma in Allergy and Asthma from one of the world’s most prestigious institute CMC, Vellore. This programme was conducted with collaboration with International Asthma Services USA. She was awarded with Dr Henry Claman Gold Medal from the department of Pulmonology, CMC (Vellore). Besides this she is an active member of Indian Academy of Allergy, Bangalore. She regularly participates in International & National conferences such WAO INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE (WISC), Seminars, CME’s, scientific discussions for regularly updating herself in the rapidly evolving field of Allergy & Asthma. Her active participation in international and national conferences and interaction with senior faculty members of World allergy organization is helping us to deliver the quality services to our patients, in the field of Allergy & Asthma. Beside this her interest in alternate and mind body medicine; has given us a holistic approach toward the allergy and immunity related problems.

Dr Nayak started this clinic, in sight of lack of specialized care for the patients suffering from asthma and other allergy related conditions in Mumbai. As per the WORLD ALLERGY ORGANIZATION (WAO), India lacks the Specialist doctors in the field of Allergy.

Large number of adult as well paediatric patients suffering from Asthma, allergic rhinitis, urticaria, and atopic dermatitis and food allergies are getting treated in the clinic currently. The advanced diagnostic techniques used help to diagnose patient’s disease (diagnostic tests include: Allergy prick testing, Blood allergy test, Patch testing for various substances, spirometry, and various challenges for example exercise, food and drug) . Based on the above test results doctor plans the treatment for the individual patients that includes pharmacotherapy and various desensitization protocols. Clinic provides exceptional medical care to the patients through the advance medical knowledge and up to date diagnostic and treatment modalities. Asthma Allergy Clinic is a leading provider of healthcare services in the field of Allergic disorders in the city of Mumbai. Patients from other parts of the country & also from other countries, have also benefitted from the specialized treatment available in the clinic.

The clinic is dedicated to give symptom free life to those who are suffer from asthma and other allergic diseases, by providing expert and compassionate care, education , most advance and permanent solution. The clinic is committed to provide most advanced diagnostic facilities and treatment plan to the patients.

Our values and goals

  1. To Provide best treatment for the patient suffering from asthma and allergy related disorders in India
  2. To improve quality of life to the patient and their family.
  3. To give our patients high quality medical care
  4. To treat each patient with dignity, respect and kindness in a friendly and efficient environment
  5. To serve our community through preventive and outreach programme to create awareness about Allergy related disorders in the city of Mumbai.







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