Sodium Cromoglycate inh, Nedocromil Sodium inh.

Mode of Action

Cromone therapy is thought to inhibit IgE-dependent histamine release from mast cells, although the effects of sodium cromoglycate on human lung mast cells are weak. Both agents have weak effects on eosinophils and on macrophage activity but do not affect airway smooth muscle tone.

Side Effects

Sodium cromoglycate can cause transient cough and throat irritation. These symptoms can be relieved by pre-treatment with short-acting β-agonists.

Nedocromil sodium can leave a bitter taste and cause nausea and headache.


Nedocromil sodium ameliorates daytime asthma symptoms similarly to low dose ICS but has no effect on preventing exacerbations suggesting it should not have a primary role in maintaining control. A meta-analysis for the use of sodium cromoglycate in children has not shown a beneficial effect.

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